Heliopolis 24 Hours Electric Service Provider!

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Established in 1978 in Abu Dhabi, Heliopolis Electric is now one of the leading electrical contractors in the United Arab Emirates with offices in Al Ain, Dubai, Doha, and Cairo.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we incorporate unmatched professional competence with the highest quality of products to deliver the highest standards and to exceed our client’s expectations and satisfaction.

We take pride in our highly experienced team of professionals who are hand-picked from each specialized field. With over 320 loyal employees, we are extremely dedicated to our human resources and are committed to a strong family culture that is the foundation of our communication.

Our portfolio of prominent clients, in both the Government Sector and the Private Sector, demonstrates the trust between Heliopolis Electric and many of the most prominent entities in the UAE and the region.

This trust is the basis of our reputation for quality, integrity, and independence.

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