Our Policy



As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, our Quality Assurance Policy governs all our operations and departments.



Our firm internal and external audits spearhead the establishment of our objectives and key performance indicators. Reviews for continual improvement are ongoing in order to exceed our client’s satisfaction, and our own competency.


A Quality Assurance plan is implemented for each individual project, covering each aspect of work involved. The QA Plans are based on the corporate QA Manual and adapted to suit each of our client’s requirements in accordance with contract conditions. This ensures integration within the Company QA system and allows for greater control in implementation. QA plans include project organization structures, coordination and operational procedures, with authority and responsibility matrices for all stages of the project.


Our internal Quality Control system, which we have adhered to even before we earned the quality assurance certificate, allows us to monitor our projects on both project and corporate levels, and endorses benchmarking amongst our team to exchange experiences, initiate improvement, and promote risk awareness and mitigation measures.